IKEA Takes Solar to Costa Mesa

After announcing in October 2010 plans power eight of its stores and warehouses throughout Californiawith solar energy, the Swedish furniture and home product retailer IKEAmade it known last week that it isn’t done yet.

Costa Mesa Ikea 300x225 IKEA Takes Solar to Costa Mesa

As reported by the Daily Pilot, IKEA has recently applied for a permit to install solar panels at itsCosta Mesa store in southern California. If all goes as planned, IKEAwill install a 1,120-panel solar photovoltaic (PV) system atop thefacility. The system will generate enough electricity, says Costa MesaBuilding Official Khanh Nguyen, to light up 2,500 regular light  bulbsfor a year. The system would also eliminate 42,000 pounds of carbondioxide during that same stretch.

If completed, IKEA’s solar array will be the largest commercial PVrooftop system in Costa Mesa, as it will surpass a similar installationcompleted last year at a neighborhood community center.

IKEA Spokesman Joseph Roth acknowledges the financial commitment the company is making, but says it’s well worth it:

“It’s a very significant investment. But we haveconcluded that it’s definitely very cost-effective for us from afinancial standpoint and it reinforces our commitment to theenvironment.”

The Costa Mesa project would be the company’s ninth in California.All told, the company’s California solar installation projects willamass over 21,000 solar PV panels and put out close to 6.75 million kWhevery year — roughly the equivalent of about 615 average American homes.

IKEA Aims to Extend Solar Power Trend to Costa Mesa