IKEA Releases 2010 Sustainability Report

The world’s largest retailer of home furnishing had a busy year last year, and not just in retails sales. IKEA just released its 2010 Sustainability Report highlighting its significantachievements in both social and environmental responsibility andsustainability.

Last year, IKEA created a ‘Sustainability Direction.’ This companydirective outlines goals and priorities for sustainable operations andmanufacturing by 2015. Its priorities include: 

1. Offering a range of products that are moresustainable, including that all materials for home furnishing productsshall be renewable, recyclable or recycled, and that energy consumingproducts shall, on average, be 50% more efficient than 2008 products.

2. Taking a leading role towards a low carbon society including using more renewable energy and measuring the company’s positive impact on the environment.

3. Turning waste into resources includingsending zero waste to landfills and encouraging customers to reuse orrecycle all IKEA products at the end of their life.

4. Reducing the IKEA water footprint by significantlycutting consumption not only at its own facilities but all the way downits supply chain.

5. Taking social responsibility. Thisincludes setting a goal for the IKEA Foundation to reach more than 100million children, as well as setting a clearly defined plan at all IKEAstores for community involvement.  The plan will be based off thecompany’s charity program.

In the report, IKEA states that sustainability is one of the ‘fourcornerstones’ of the direction for the IKEA Group and covers local,national and global responsibility.  

View the report here:  IKEA Sustainability Report 10.

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