IEA World Energy Outlook 2010

10 November of 2010 by

IEA IEA World Energy Outlook 2010The IEA world energy outlook is a yearly report that details global renewable energy industryfactors and policies moving forward based on the year’s market trends,as well as environmental factors. This year’s report outlines threescenarios: 1. the scenario that we stay at current renewable energypolicies, 2. All G20 countries follow through on their future renewableenergy policy commitments and 3. the 450 scenario, meaning limiting CO2concentrations to 450 ppm by directly addressing emissions.

Theproject outlines these future scenarios in great detail in the 700-pagereport. However, one factor of the renewable energy market in the worldis made clear: every 1$ spent on renewable energy through subsidies is$5-$6 dollars in fossil fuel subsidies. And, if renewable energysubsidies increase with the expanding market under the second and thirdscenarios, the amount of subsidies is still only expected to reachslightly below 2/3rds of the current fossil fuel subsidies by 2035.

Unfortunately, based on the statistics on renewable energy vs. fossil fuel subsidies,the need for much more rapid policies to avoid going over the 450 CO2ppm threshold, it seems "unlikely" that these goals can be met. They are regarded as too ambitious in lieu of this information.


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