I Need More than 32 Billion Dollars ……

Make it 100 billion dollars, and now we’re talking!

Of the 700 some odd billion dollars in the new Obama initiativeplan, only about 32 billion of that is going for solar incentives. Mostof that is for the wonderful 30% solar tax credit which helps everyonewho puts solar panels up on their roof.

That’s all fine and well, but let’s take that a step farther. Giveme another 30 billon dollars for tax incentives to electric companiesthat offer a solar line feed in tariff. After all, feed in tariffs area great incentive for anyone with a solar array to get a guaranteedfixed price for any energy being fed into the lines from solarproduction, that is not being consumed by the household. Now, not onlydo we have a tax incentive to put up solar, it becomes profitable toown solar.

Okay, one more step. Let’s take another 30 billion bucks and giveextra incentives to those institutions that burn huge amounts ofelectricity like hospitals, apartment complexes, airports. Get thoseguys using solar and see the transformation in the industry.

As we all know, solar is growing even in this recession, and makingsolar even more appealing will cause the industry to grow all that muchfaster. Sure, the original 32 billion dollars is helping, no doubt, butit’s almost like nickel and dimeing the solar economy. Solar isgrowing, consumers are buying, but it should be 3 times that if theextra monies were dumped into a sure thing like solar.

Oh, and that extra 10 billion we have left here? Rebates. For thenext couple of years, dangle a 20% rebate check in front of anyone thatgoes solar. Add that to the 30% tax credit, the feed in tariff, and theinstitutional incentives, and I can just about guarantee that solarpanels would be popping up on roofs across the country, with theindustry working 24/7 to keep up, new jobs there for the taking, and abooming economy!



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