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The Climate Savers Computing Initiative (CSCI) recently announced it is expanding its push for energyefficiency with the creation of a new industry workgroup focused onnetworking equipment.

climate saver computing initiative logo The Climate Savers Computing Initiative

While energy use of networking equipment is only a small percentage ofoverall building and computing energy use, it is expected to grow bymore that 6 percent per year as the number of networking devices in useincreases.

“We hope to reverse this trend, and we think we can,” said Lorie Wigle,general manager of the Eco-Technology Program Office for IntelCorporation and president of the Climate Savers Computing  Initiative.

“Our expansion into networking is designed to address and reduce theenvironmental and economic impact of the devices and systems bydeveloping and deploying global standards that will provide enhanceddesign, delivery, and adoption of high efficiency electronics,” Wigleexplained.

CSCI estimates that with energy efficient routers, switches, and connecteddevices that power everything from the Internet to mobile technologies,the IT industry can avoid 38 million metric tons of CO2 emissions by2015. That is equivalent to $5 billion in energy cost savings and 51billion KWh in energy savings.

Started by Google and Intel in 2007, CSCI is a nonprofit group of eco-conscious consumers, businesses, and conservation organizations dedicated toreducing the energy consumption of the IT sector.

This new Networking Workgroup combines new and existing leadership fromcompanies such as Cisco, CompTIA, Emerson Network Power, Finisar, HP,Intel, Juniper Networks, and Sony Electronics.

“The ultimate goal of the Networking Workgroup is to help advanceend-to-end network energy efficiency through the commercial adoption ofhigher efficiency networking equipment,” said Oliver Tavakoli, CTO ofJuniper’s Service Layer Technology Business Group.

The new workgroup will also examine ways to increase commercial awarenessof such technology and standards, and then focus on home and businessnetworking devices.

The workgroup will also develop alliances with the U.S. EnvironmentalProtection Agency and other key stakeholders to formalize networkingenergy efficiency criteria.

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