How Can We Improve the NESEA Building Energy Conference?

Hands up

Two weeks ago, I wrote a fiery review of NESEA’s yearly buildingenergy conference called Why I Hated the NESEA Building Energy Conference. It received someamazing feedback on both my blog, The Green Light Distrikt and on Renewable Energy World, and made it on The Energy Circle’s week in review. Before you comment on this post,you should see the great conversations we had.

The goal of the post was to get people’s attention so we could helpto improve the event. I love NESEA and have been going to the eventsince I was 16 and think that the workshops for the building industryare second to none. However, I think we can do better at two things 1) Attracting and educatingproperty owners that are actually buying these things and 2) Attractingstudents and young professionals to the event and 3) Marketing to thehuge community of people already interested in the subject

Overall the comments were great. Without question, its a good sign that peoplecame to the rescue of the conference that I was so clearly attacking. It shows that people truly, something we’ll need to improve it.  I wasvery happy to get comments from Jennifer Marrapese of NESEA, Pam Cargill of Alteris, Erica Brabon of Steven Winter Associates, Chris Kilfoyle of Berkshire Photovoltaic Services, Peter Troast of Energy Circle, on why I was wrong about innovation at the event, how the workshops wereamazing, and their thoughts about ‘grey hairs’ at the event. I agree with all of youNESEA is awesome, but I think we can do even better. That is mychallenge.

Here’s the test! Now, the goal is to take the energy and make ituseful. I’m going to be publicly collecting everyone’s idea, then create a vote and present the top 10 ideas to NESEA’s interim directorJennifer Marrapese.

Here is what Ipropose.

I want to gather everyone input on how we can improve the conference. In the comments section of this post please leave your ideas.

Please leave them in thisformat

1) Type of Idea – Ex. New Media Marketing

2) Idea Description – Ex. Get a Twitter account

3) Logic of why the idea will help – Ex. A twitter account will makeit easy, cheap, and effective for NESEA to connect with existingcommunities that are interested in green building and renewable energy.

I’m really looking forward to hearing your ideas!




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