How are Electric Cars Related to Solar?

If you’re a regular reader of the GetSolar blog, you’ve probablynoticed that we like to keep you up to speed on the latest electricvehicle (EV) developments. But what do EVs have to do with solar energy, you ask? In short, everything.

If you don’t own a photovoltaic (PV) solar energy system, we’re nottrying to discourage you from from buying an EV. We’d rather see moreEVs than Hummers on the road any day of the week. But, from anenvironmental standpoint, the EV is only as clean as the electricitythat powers it. The fact remains that about half our electricity comesfrom coal, the dirtiest source of energy out there.

An EV does give you the option of running your ride on cleanenergy. That’s why we’re starting to see “solar carports” and othersolar EV charging stations pop up in public places. In October 2010, San Diego, California-based Envision Solar agreed to build solar carports for the new Chevy Volt. In December of last year they really caught on and started popping up coast to coast. What are they? They’re carports equipped with solar PV panels. They keep the cars cool and charge EV’s at the same time.

Elon Musk, Chairman and CEO of Tesla Motors, explained therelationship he sees between solar and EVs when he announced that hiscompany is working on an electric-powered SUV. Among other things, Musk said he wants to help expedite the move from hydrocarbon to solar electric.

We’re starting to see this trend develop, particularly with solarcarports. It’s a trend that we’ll be following into the new year.

What Do Electric Cars Have to Do with Solar Energy?


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