Hot Sungevity Solar Products

02 June of 2010 by

Manning various Sungevity booths, I can’t help but notice the buzztwo solar products were making among attendees and how a third productis poised to come through like a solar storm.

The first was the Sungevity branded Juice Bag. The Juice Bags cancharge your cell phone, GPS or iPOD among other things, plus they arereally great looking. Talk about killing phantom loads when all you have to do is plug your phone into your bag!

 Hot Sungevity Solar Products

The next is the portable solar charger, the Solio. The small Soliocan conveniently charge your phone, GPS, camera or Mp3 player (it workswith over 3200 devices) AND fit in your pocket!

solio charger Hot Sungevity Solar Products

Finally, one more product that is just starting to make a buzz is our glow in the dark “Solar on the White House” t-shirts! Our Solar on theWhite House campaign is creating quite a stir, and people who want toget involved can get one of these shirts. Go to to see how!

-Nat Smith


Solar Stars Could Still Shine


Solar Stars Could Still Shine

parliament  the red house 283x165 Solar on the Red House?


Solar on the Red House?

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