Pulte Homes Pushes Solar in Arizona

shingle2 Pulte Homes Pushes Solar in Arizona

In an effort to spur home sales during a gloomy time for real estate, Michigan-based developer Pulte Homes has begun to offer residences with solar roofsat two of its Arizona developments, in addition to a few of its solarroof communities developed earlier elsewhere the country.

Since thebeginning of the new year, Pulte has started to sell solar homes insidetwo “age-restricted” (in other words, reserved for residents aged 55and over) communities run by Del Webb, one of its subsidiaries. With11,200 homes left to be constructed in these two Del Webb developments,Pulte has stated that it has the potential to dominate the Arizonamarket for solar residential developments.

The solar roofs, which are optional and come outfitted with SunPowersolar cells embedded onto their surface, fetch anywhere from $13,000 to$17,000, a price that already takes into account a rebate offered byutilities company Arizona Public Service (APS). While Pulte’s Arizonasolar homes have yet to see any takers, the company asserts that theyhave received high demand in other states.

Ken Johnson, Pulte’s Southwest-area vice president ofstrategic marketing, said Del Webb communities in other states havebeen offering the solar roofs for several months and have seen their55-and-older customers opt to make the up-front investment.

“These buyers understand the value of hedging future expenses and the global benefit of energy efficiency,” Johnson said.

One advantage that these pre-installed solar cells have overtraditional photovoltaic installations is their relativeinconspicuousness and ability to integrate more seamlessly with abuilding’s roof. However, the restrictions of these communities—interms of age, building aesthetic, etc.—may not suit everyone, and Arizona solar incentives are still, after all, going strong. Furthermore, with solar shingles on the rise and a hike in electricity ratesfor Salt River Project (SRP) customers on the horizon, a commercial orresidential solar installation seems more attractive than ever before.Whether you’re seeking to find a new abode or simply want to retrofityour current one, the sunlight is abundant and the options are many.

Homebuilder Pushes Solar Homes in Arizona