Home Energy Efficiency? There’s an App for That

home energy performance rating iphone1 Home Energy Efficiency? Theres an App for That

Yes, of course there’s an app for that. It can’t bring you thickerwindows or a solar hot water system, but it can grade your energyefficiency based on detailed information you provide. And if you dodecide to invest in solar or efficiency retrofits, clear graphics willmake those improvements tangible.

Developed by Qreative Medias, the Home Energy Performance App gives your home aletter grade based on its algorithm, which the app explains is“accurate, reliable, used widely across the industry but please do notconsider it as certified. A certified rating must be performed by aCertified Surveyor.”

I completely agree with this disclaimer, but the app does askdetailed questions. Some would be difficult to answer if you weren’tphysically examining the building in question and didn’t have a trainedeye. For example, “Do I have a single-flux controlled forced-draughtventillation?” I have no idea. Others  – like “Do I have single panewindows?” or “Do I have a central air conditioner?” — are much simpler.

The app succeeds in providing a qualitative energy assessment basedon detailed home data. It also gives you a rough idea of what kinds ofimprovements you should consider making to improve your home’s energyefficiency. Before making any significant investments, you shoulddefinitely get an real energy audit, but this virtual version definitely gets you thinking in the right direction.

The Home Energy Performance app costs $3.99 to download. It is available through the iPhone App store.

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