Heliotropis Solar Powered Kinetic Sculpture

Theflower includes solar panels to collect the energy from the sun that itwill use for the inward and outward movement of glass petals. Theceramic and glass are the main materials that these artists areconsidering. However, they are still not certain about the color of thepetals. The idea behind this sculpture is to provide green stimuli tothe public.

Theenvironmentalists and scientists from all over the world are busyresearching to develop methods to avoid the energy crisis as well as tofight the problem of gradually growing carbon emissions. However, thereis one more aspect that is an integral part of human life – aesthetics.To preserve this very aspect in a green way, Beth Deutch and LarryRubin in Rumson have designed a charming solar powered kineticsculpture that they hope to complete in 2010. 

Via: Acastronovo



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