HelioDynamics Commissions Solar Concentrator Project In California

International energy integrator EnergyMixx AG says that its whollyowned subsidiary, HelioDynamics, has successfully completedcommissioning of its latest solar project.

The project, whichincorporates HelioDynamic’s linear Fresnel solar concentrationtechnology, provides energy for air conditioning on the SouthernCalifornia Gas Co. Energy Resource Center located in Downey, Calif. Thesystem is part of a comparative program to use heat generated by thesun to power an absorption chiller that feeds cold water to the airconditioning loop.

The HelioDynamics solar concentrator isavailable for the generation of industrial-grade heat at temperaturesin excess of 185 degrees C. It uses EnergyMixx-developed Technology,employing simple flat-glass mirrors held within a lightweight, low-costbut robust aluminum frame.

SOURCE: EnergyMixx AG


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