The Solar Blossom by DeMarco Architecture

The Solar Blossom by DeMarcoArchitecture is a proposal for a sustainable temporary outdoorgallery space. Inspired by the Bluebonnet flower, the Solar Blossomharnesses the power of the sun to provide energy and also educatepatrons on the potential of solar power.

The surface of the Solar Blossom gently curves as a petal growingfrom a convergence of planes in one corner to blossoming openness at the opposite corner. The exterior surface is blue while the interior spaceis white as the inside surface of a flower. Flexible solar panels havebeen mounted on the roof surface of the Solar Blossom that provideenergy for the lighting systems and any multi-media displays.

The solar panels also power a set of integrated batteries that canstore energy to power the lights and the displays after dark. The SolarBlossom can display wall mounted, suspended or free standing art. It isalso acoustically suited with a sloped roof to project sound to a larger audience. The structure is to be constructed using recycled steel asthe structural skeleton. Cast thermoplastic panels are mounted to asubstrate which in turn attaches to the recycled steel framing.

Via: DeMarco Architecture



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