Hawaii Solar Rebates and Tax Incentives – Updated!

HawaiiVatsekAloha, solar powered Hawaii people! We’ve just updated our Hawaii solar incentives and rebates page.It’s wonderful to live in paradise, especially if you have robust solarrebates and incentives to take advantage of all of that sun.

Hawaii  is in a unique situation in that it’s really on the groundfloor of solar, yet the Islands are desperately in need of renewableand cheaper energy sources, such as solar hot water and electric, toreduce its dependence on oil and gas. Right now, over 80% of the energyneeds of Hawaii is powered from imported oil and gas. That makesutility bills extremely high in paradise–which also makes solar veryattractive with all the rebates and incentives right now.

For example, Solar Hot Water systems have huge incentives right nowwith a payback period of less than 5 years for an average system.

On top of that, Hawaii is about to roll out a Feed-in Tarriffthat will pay you for the energy that your solar electric (PV) systemproduces.  That Feed-in Tariff rate hasn’t been announced yet, but whenit is announced, you’ll get an even faster payback.

There’s a lot of info on our updated Hawaii page. We’ve tried tosimplify it all and give some examples of costs. If you’re stillconfused, ask one of our local installers aboutwhat it all means for you and your home. They can give you a freequote, so really, nothing to lose but a little bit of time.

Photo:Flickr/ Vatsek



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