Hara and SunPower Win Big in Abu Dhabi $SPWRA

The Abu Dhabi Water and Electric Authority today said it would adoptenergy management services from Hara that could dramatically slash itsenergy consumption.

Hara’s services–which examine energy consumption and providerecommendations and pathways for reducing it–could save Abu Dhabi, themost powerful emirate in the United Arab Emirates, three billion dollars over the next ten years. Money, though, is beside the point. The smallpopulation and massive oil reserves have made Abu Dhabi one of thewealthiest spots on the planet.

The big gains come in reducing energy consumption. Like Qatar and other middle eastern nations, the United Arab Emirates has a high rate ofpower consumption per capita. Air conditioners hum on high during manymonths of the year and the lights on the skyscrapers blaze throughoutthe night. Hara and the Electric Authority estimate that the softwarecould save 12 terawatt hours, or twelve trillion watt hours, a year by2020 and defer several natural gas power plants. See the video takenearlier this year in Abu Dhabi below to see the nutty pace ofconstruction. (The picture shows one of the many skyscrapers underconstruction.)

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