Happy 53rd Birthday, Integrated Circuit!

Fifty-three years ago today, Jack Kilby demonstrated a working integrated circuit (IC). The IC, is arguably the most important invention of the 20th century. The IC made many of the technologies and devices we use possible.

I spoke with Applied Materials chief technology officer, Om Nalamasu about the IC and its impact on the hi-tech industry. He suggested, the “IC has been one of the primary contributors in transforming industrial society to Information and knowledge based society.

While I consider transistor, laser and software as the three critical building blocks in creating modern technological society, IC, the concept of combining  several transistors on a semiconductor substrate is what created the modern IT industry.”

And so today, we at Applied celebrate the Jack Kilby and the IC.

More information about Jack Kilby and his discovery can be found on ti.com.

Original Article on Cleantech Applied


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