Gujarat Gets Asia’s Largest Solar Park

Solar Power Park

Gujarat, one of the most developed states of India, will be launching Asia’s largest Solar Energy Park in two years from now. The park isenvisaged to have the capacity of generating 500MW power. It will reduce the energy crisis of the state to a much greater extent. The project is worth Rs. 8,000 crore (approx $1.8bn) and the companies which areresponsible for the implementation, such as GMR and Lanco, have beenassigned generation capacities under the Gujarat Solar Mission.

Gujarat had previously announced a solar power policy in the year 2009, with a target of installing 1,000MW power generating capacity bythe year 2012 and 3,000MW power generating capacity by the year 2014.According to D.J.Pandian, principal secretary(energy) in the stategovernment, “We would have around 100MW solar power capacitycommissioned by the end of this year as part of the 500MW solar parkproject. Overall, we have allotted 274MW capacity to companies. AroundRs 15 crore would go into setting up every MW of power “.

The Park is being developed by Gujarat Power Corporation Ltd (GPCL)on approximately 2,000 hectares of wasteland surrounding the Rann ofKutch, in Patan district. The project, if successfully completed andcommissioned, will deliver 800 million units of power. According to theproject plan, in the first phase, 15 solar power generation companieswould produce 17 MW and Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation issupposed to set up a power pooling station. The estimated cost ofphase-I is Rs. 1,287 crore, inclusive of the cost of land, powerinfrastructure and evacuation facilities. The Planning Commission hasalready approved the one-time assistance amount of Rs. 210 crore for the establishment of the solar park. The Asian Development Bank has granted a loan of $100 million for the project to be executed. According toPandian, the Gujarat State Government had already signed an agreementwith the Clinton Climate Initiative, which will be the technicalconsultant.

Via: Business Standard



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