Groovy: Solar Portable Stereo System Made from a Suitcase

boomcase 1

Eco Factor: Solar-powered portable stereo system made from suitcase.

Now do the tango with vintage suitcases. No, I am kidding. Acreative designer has upcycled street-worthy hardcover suitcases into athundering stereo system. Designed by Mr. SiMo, the BoomCase is aself-powered, portable suitcase stereo system that offers 7+ hours ofnonstop music on a single charge. All you have to do is just connect itto your iPod/iPhone or any device with a headphone jack and enjoy yourfavorite music.

boomcase 2

The classy and flashy BoomCase comes equipped with a solar powercharger that traps solar energy and stores it in batteries for futureuse. For days when the sun is not out, you could plug it into thesocket. It also comes with additional options like iPod/USB charger,solar power charger, wireless audio playback, extra batteries, custompaint, custom inputs for electric guitars, synthesizers etc. What’s even more interesting are its names – “Slim Tim” and “Big Thumpy.”

boomcase 3

boomcase 4

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Via: TreeHugger




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