Grid Alternatives Solarthon 2010

 Grid Alternatives Solarthon 2010

The GridAlternatives Solarthon 2010 is coming up soon and the ResidentialSolar 101 team will be out in full force again this year.  We had agreat time at least year’s Solarthon 2009, so we thought we’d come back for more!

Grid Alternatives’ mission is to put solar on low income andaffordable housing.  They work with solar panel and hardware providersto get the equipment donated or at a very low cost, then they getdonations from individuals and corporations, and top it off withvolunteer labor.  Combine all of that with increased solar rebates forlow income / affordable houses and you have a recipe for outfittinghundreds of homes a year with free solar power systems.  As part of thedeal I believe that most of the home owners actually participate in theinstallation on their home. 

It also happens to be a great way for someone who is interested inbecoming a solar installer to test the waters.  Everyone attends atraining session before the go on a job site, then they do theinstallation with Grid Alternatives employees and professional solarinstallers who have volunteered their time.   Even if you don’t want towork in the industry and you just want to learn about solar andvolunteer for a day, it’s a great cause and a great organization. 

Come join us for the Solarthon 2010 in Oakland, CA on July 31, 2010,or if that doesn’t work for you, they have installations year roundthroughout the state.