Greentech Media Launches iPhone App

Greentech Media is excited to announce the official launch of our new iPhone app, available now in the App Store.

The FREE, fully-integrated app offers access to all of GTM’s daily content and lets you preview market research reports fromGTM Research. From each article page, you can post and read comments,share the story via Twitter and Facebook, and e-mail it to colleagues. You can even filter the content by sector, letting you quickly find theinformation you need.

The iPhone app can also be downloaded on the iPod Touch and iPad. While it is not scaled to fit the iPad’s larger screen, the app is stillfully functional. Stay tuned for an iPad-optimized GTM app in thefuture!

With the rapid growth of the greentech market, it’s important to havethe latest industry news and information whenever and wherever you needit. The Greentech Media iPhone app has you covered.

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Article view

List of articles by sector and research section



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