GreenSun’s candy-colored solar panels provide more electricity cheaper

greensun WdCVe 69 GreenSun’s candy colored solar panels provide more electricity cheaper

Alreadyavailable in a variety of shapes and forms, solar panels are going toget more efficient and perhaps good-looking with a Jerusalem companycalled GreenSun, looking for panels that aren’t silver but come in a variety of colors. The panels, according to the companywill cost less than a dollar per watt to manufacture, and will have aconversion rate of up to 20%. While the performance of conventionalsolar cells deteriorates if the panels get hot, GreenSun’s solar panelsare different and are based on concentrating visible and ultravioletlight without concentrating heat.

The cells carry silicon onlyon the outer edges, in the form of thin strips. As light falls on theglass surface it is diffused sideways to the edges, where siliconconverts it into electricity. The company is claiming that the systemworks just as efficiently even if sunlight isn’t falling directly onthe panels.

Via: CleanTechnica/NationalGeographic