Greening China, One Video Clip at a Time

14 December of 2009 by

Let’stake a break from the heavy reading and enjoy some great video clips.The first two are first and third place winners of the UNFCCC/CDM International Video Contest 2009(the theme was “How the Clean Development Mechanism Changes Lives”),the prizes for which will be awarded in Copenhagen during the ongoingclimate summit. The third is first in an upcoming series byClimateWorks.

Natural Gas Power Plant in Inner Mongolia Changes Nasong’s Lives, by Yang Li & Xiaochen Zhan Popout

Waste Heat and Methane Capture Project at a Steel Plant in Hunan Province, by Van Yang Popout

China Takes the Lead in Wind Energy Development, by ClimateWorks

Thanks for viewing, now take deep breaths and gear up fro WEEK TWO of COPENHAGEN!!!


China in Copenhagen Day 5


China in Copenhagen Day 5

 China Climate Progress Report 2009


China Climate Progress Report 2009

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