Green Cities Concept Designed To Be A Green Powerhouse

green cities concept_1

Architectsand designers are having a hard time envisioning the state of theplanet after a couple of decades. We all know that what we require issustainable architecture and machines that run on renewable sources ofenergy. Industrial designer Baita Bueno is working on the Green Cities Concept, where everything will run on renewable energy.

Theconcept is based on three projects – energy-efficient buildings,solar-powered bus stops and motion-powered vehicles. The city will havemixed-used buildings that will generate wind and solar energy forpower. All surplus electricity will be directed to the city’selectrical network. The building will have a reen roof and walls thatwill not only purify surrounding air but also reduce the building’senergy demands.

Thesecond project is the development of solar and wind powered bus stopsand bike stands. The stations will act as small powerhouses and willgenerate energy to keep them powered and transfer all excesselectricity to the main grid. 

Thecity will have kick scooter stores that will be powered by humanenergy. The stores will be used as small shops and the vehicle will beequipped with a dynamo that captures kinetic energy for nighttimeillumination.

green cities concept_3

green cities concept_2

Via: Behance



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