GREAT SCOTT! The Electric DeLorean

The new age mantra, ‘Go Green’ is being embraced tightly by many around and even the automotive industry couldn’t escape from the clean and green fever. Joining the ever-growing trend is the all electric DeLorean that will leave people impressed with the beauty it comes dipped in. The EV is a creation by DeLorean Motor Company and will roll on the road with utmost panache. The company has a rough past but it vows to leave an everlasting mark with its new coupe the electric version that has been named DMC-12 EV.

The prototype was introduced to the world at the International DeLorean Owners Event that took place in Houston, Texas. The futuristic creation has the power to roar like a beast when its wheels churn. DeLorean Motor Company will club with Epic EV to deliver a dream like coupe. DMC-12 keeps the trademark aura of DeLorean alive and will leave people wheezing as always.

Green factor:

The company has worked on the designing of this Eco-friendly coupe for over four years now and the end result is just breathtaking. All electric DeLorean will come fitted with an advanced engine that will deliver a power-packed performance. It will be wedged with a 30kWh lithium ion battery that will lend necessary power to the motor that comes fitted with it. This makes sure that the car does not gulp down precious resources like gas guzzling beasts, which will in turn keep the surroundings away from further deterioration by making sure that no harmful gases are added to the atmosphere. The eco-chic ride will go into production not before the year 2013.

The powertrain:

DMC-12 sure looks ahead of times and this trait will surely make car crazy people to jump in happiness. The engine will make the coupe jump to a top speed of 125 mph, which is worth applauding considering the car’s electric-driven status. DMC-12 can pump a power of 260hp and has the capacity to jump from zero to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds that too using electric power. Apart from this the company is planning to make present models boast an electric powertrain that will come from Epic EV. DMC-12 EV is bound to leave people impressed when it talks speed and sends chill-trills. It has performance based features that will make the coupe noticeable and a talked about creation. The engine is noiseless that makes the swift creation a stunner as it won’t contribute towards the noise pollution graph as well. Epic EV’s electric motor experience will make it a ride to remember for years to come. The usage of lightweight, modern yet sturdy materials will pump up the performance of DMC-12 further.

The highs:

The car is a great example of great technology and attention-grabbing styling. The company’s association with car startup Epic EV will make it a sensation in the world of cars. It comes fitted with gull wing doors that manage to fetch a lot of attention whenever the doors are opened. The doors have been crafted from stainless steel and have been given a very sharp finish. Its curvy facade is worth gawking at and will give a tough competition to gas gulping rides. DMC-12 ranks high on the style meter and the inside is as sinful as its outside skin. It features up-to-the-minute features, which includes an embedded iPhone dock. The seats are comfortable and it provides a generous headroom and legroom. The best part being that an electric engine was picked as against a gas-driven engine, which will not whiff out harmful gases. The charging port has been hidden under the hinged grille that has been placed at the front. DMC-12 has been created using hard-wearing materials that will make it fight against harsh conditions as well.

The lows:

DMC-12 EV will be a limited edition car, which will only ornament the lives of a lucky few. The price tag is a little too heavy and many will have to satisfy their urges to own one by in the form of pictures or catalogs. Moreover, it will take a long time to feel good about the gas savings as it will gulp electricity that doesn’t come for free as well.

Cost and availability:

The all electric DeLorean, DMC-12 EV, will roughly take another two years to go into production. So, don’t expect it to make an entry before 2013. If you have already made up your mind to become a proud owner of this all electric beauty then get ready to shell $90,000-$100,000 that is definitely quite a lot of money.

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