Governor Rick Perry: Climate Change Non-Believer

So Texas governor and GOP presidential candidate told reporters this week that manmade global warming is scientific theory that has not been proven.

Can’t say I was surprised by the comment. After all, he’s running for president and needs some good talking points to lure all the deniers to his camp. But I do find it interesting that the man who says manmade global warming is just a theory that hasn’t been proven, was awful quick to call on Texans to pray for rain so the state’s worst drought in more than a hundred years would end.

Governor Perry doesn’t buy global warming, which there is solid scientific consensus if you don’t count those “scientists” on Exxon’s payroll, but he does believe that God will end the state’s worst drought in more than a hundred years if you just pray hard enough.

Just something to chew on.

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One Comment;

  1. jack said:

    I hate to burst your bubble, but as a Geologist, I don’t think “consensus” over rides scientific data, and few if any real scientists buy into man made global warming. All this precept is designed to do is raise a tax on productive societies to support the less productive ones (ie, distribution of wealth). I don’t agree with Perry on a many things; in particular, praying for rain or intelligent design. So, until there is definitive proof, I’d say yes, the Earth’s climate is changing, but it has always been changing.