Gotta Love Sky Mall

Day Clock 300x218 Gotta Love Sky Mall

Flying to any destinationlately leaves a bit to be desired. Between long security lines, beingnickel & dimed for luggage, stale peanuts/pretzels and crankytravelers there is still one bright spot: The SkyMall catalog. Oh how Ilove the SkyMall catalog. I never new that a roll-up electric pianoexisted, let alone that I actually needed one. Thanks to SkyMall I cannow personalize my meat (custom branding), have a glass of wine alwaysclose at hand (wine glass on a necklace), and tan my feet (foot tanner).

Yes, you can window shop to your hearts content to find everythingyou could ever want and everything you never knew you needed. There arealso quite a few solar products available on SkyMall which tells me howmainstream solar is becoming.  Everything from solar lights and chargers to solar powered color changing gazing balls for the garden. TheSmiling Solar Tiki Torches are a personal favorite!

Check out “The Most Ridiculous SkyMall Products Ever” from the Huffington Post for a good laugh and don’t forget your Solar Moler.