GoSolarUSA inks deal for revolutionary PREE technology

GoSolarUSA Inc. announced that the company management and the Principles of PREE have signed the Definitive Agreements that define theparticipation between the two companies in the development, delivery and marketing of the new PREE product line.

PREE owns abreakthrough technology that uses wireless internet signals and solarenergy to keep Smartphones constantly charged without having to beplugged in. GSLO has received a flood of inquiries regarding PREEproduct details, possible PREE distributorships and interest ininvestment after announcing the potential for the PREE deal on June 9.

The PREE technology is designed for use with a wide range of Smartphones,including Apple’s iPhone, Research in Motion’s Blackberry and Google’sAndroid. GSLO is anticipating significant market demand for PREEproduct.

Smartphone users often find that their batteries can’tkeep up with power-hungry applications. A typical Smartphone batterywill lose 5-10 percent of its life every hour. As a result, (before thePREE) users had to plug their phones into a charger at least once a dayor more.

The PREE product is a device being configured toempower users to disconnect from the plug and go wireless for as long as they need to use their applications. This exciting device convertsinbound wireless LAN waves and solar energy into an electrical chargepowerful enough to keep the Smartphone charged.


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