GoSolarUSA announces favorable completion of PREE due diligence

GoSolarUSA Inc. announced that the company has completed its duediligence with PREE under an option announced on June 9. PREE owns abreakthrough technology that uses wireless internet signals and solarenergy to constantly keep Smartphones charged all of the time withouthaving to be plugged in.

After encountering a flood of inquiries regarding PREE product details, possible PREE distributorships andinterest in investment, GSLO management decided to fast-track their deal with PREE. The decision by management was disclosed to the public onJune 11.

The PREE technology is designed for use with a widerange of Smartphones, including Apple’s iPhone, Research in Motion’sBlackberry and Google’s Android. GoSolarUSA is looking to invest in thecompany as well as the development, delivery and marketing of the newPREE product line.

“We have applied the necessary resources tocomplete our Due Diligence process with PREE as quickly as possiblewithout sacrificing accuracy,” stated Thomas Massey, president of GSLO.“Public response dictates that we move quickly and deliberately on this. I am very enthusiastic about the future of the PREE technology.”

Smartphone users often find that their batteries can’t keep up with power-hungryapplications. A typical Smartphone battery will lose 5-10 percent of its life every hour. As a result, (before the PREE) users had to plug their phones into a charger at least once a day or more.

The PREEproduct is a device being configured to empower users to disconnect from the plug and go wireless for as long as they need to use theirapplications. This exciting device converts inbound wireless LAN wavesand solar energy into an electrical charge powerful enough to keep thesmartphone charged.

Mobile phone accessories generate billions of dollars of revenue to manufacturers. GSLO is excited to be a part ofbringing a new American technology to the market that can be usedworldwide. The phone accessory market is projected to reach $80 billionby 2012. The company feels that this product has major market potential