Global Solar Energy’s thin film CIGS achieves 13.2 percent efficiency

Global Solar Energy announced that the US Department of Energy’’sNational Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the nation’s primarylaboratory for renewable energy and energy efficiency research anddevelopment, confirmed 13.2 percent aperture area efficiency for amodule made by Global Solar Energy applying its production-line thinfilm solar material.

Global Solar Energy is the firstmanufacturer to exceed the 13 percent milestone using thin film on aflexible substrate. This benchmark advances the thin film photovoltaicmarket and underscores Global Solar Energy’s leadership as the onlymanufacturer of Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide (CIGS) cells on aflexible substrate in full-scale production.

“Global SolarEnergy is the first company to exceed the 13 percent efficiency targetusing thin films on a flexible stainless steel substrate, and joins asmall number of PV companies who have met this high efficiencymilestone for large thin film power modules,” said Dr. Ryne P.Raffaelle, Director of NREL’s National Center for Photovoltaics. “Thisresult is remarkable, given that the module was made using standardproduction equipment and manufacturing processes at Global SolarEnergy.”

Global Solar Energy, a leading manufacturer ofhigh-efficiency CIGS solar products, has been selling CIGS thin-filmproducts on a flexible substrate for over six years and bringing thelow cost, high efficiency and high-performance of CIGS technology to avariety of applications. From portable solar chargers, to traditionalglass modules, to next generation building integrated photovoltaic(BIPV) products, Global Solar Energy’’s cells are the enablingtechnology behind several growing market segments.

“We areincredibly proud of the hard work the Global Solar Energy team hasapplied, which has enabled us to be the first company to achieve themilestone of a 13.2 percent NREL-verified module efficiency,” said Dr.Jeff Britt, chief executive officer, Global Solar Energy.

“Thisachievement elevates us into the ranks of the few thin film companiesto surpass this efficiency and is the culmination of a year of steadyand rapid improvement in efficiency and yield at our production plantsin both Arizona and Germany. Global Solar Energy continues to be astandard bearer in this growing industry, and the quality andoutstanding performance of our products have clear benefits for ourcustomers.”