Global Solar Energy unveils first thin film solar charger with USB connection

Global Solar Energy Inc., the premier manufacturer of Copper IndiumGallium diSelenide (CIGS) thin film solar products, has introduceduniversal serial bus (USB) enabled SUNLINQ portable solar chargers toits line up.

The SUNLINQ line is the only solution forportable solar power for any type of outdoor needs. This new featurecharges and powers batteries for any mobile electronic device capableof connecting and charging via a USB interface, allowing consumers tokeep their devices charged and ready to use at any time, from anylocation.

Equipped with high efficiency flexible solar cells,Global Solar’s SUNLINQ USB MiniTM and SUNLINQ USB PlusTM solar chargersare lightweight, convenient and easy to use. They deliver reliablesolar power generation for any device with a USB port including mobilephones, PDAs, iPods, and electronic readers like the Kindle.

Unlikemost solar chargers which rely on an integrated battery to store power,the USB Mini and Plus solar chargers deliver energy directly to thedevice’s battery, providing a faster and more efficient charge.

TheSUNLINQ USB Mini and SUNLINQ USB Plus bring a host of features andcapabilities for the mobile consumer and professional, including:

Extremely Portable:Global Solar’s lightweight, flexible solar cells mean the chargeritself can be laid out or attached to better optimize sunlight and makefor easier carrying.

Rugged Design:Originally designed to meet military specs, all of Global SolarEnergy’s portable chargers offer a tough, weather resistant, nylonrip-stop backing.

Voltage Regulation: Standardized to 5V to meet USB charging specifications.

High Efficiency:SUNLINQ portable chargers power even under cloudy or overcast skies,making it the ideal solar charger for any region or outdoor activity.

“Theproliferation of power hungry portable electronics and our mobilesociety continue to drive demand for lightweight portable solarchargers to deliver power on the go, wherever you are,” says JimKimbrough, North American sales manager for Global Solar. “With theaddition of our SUNLINQ USB Mini and Plus Global Solar can address thegrowing list of more than two billion electronic devices capable ofcharging via USB technology.”

Global Solar has been deliveringlightweight, portable solar chargers for ten years. The USB Mini andPlus solar chargers are designed for consumers who can simply plug theUSB adapter provided with their device directly into the SUNLINQ’sstandard USB A-type receptacle, eliminating the need to purchase aseparate car charger adapter for connectivity and charging.


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