Global polysilicon market report: 2009 edition

Polysilicon, being the base for Semiconductor and Photovoltaic (PV)industry, has a major influence on its end markets. With the robustgrowth in its end markets i.e. solar and semiconductor, more in solarindustry, the world market for polysilicon has been growing rapidlysince 2004 leading to an imbalance in polysilicon supply and demand.

However, realizing the need of the hour, the major producers started thinking of increasing their capacity by working out plans for polysilicon capacity addition.

This report analysis the past trends in globalpolysilicon market reflecting the growth in demand surpassing the growth in supply of polysilicon. However, with the addition of new polysilicon capacities, the imbalance in global supply-demand of polysilicon isshifting from shortage of polysilicon to oversupply in the coming years. The future will see an oversupply in polysilicon driven by the entrance of new players and also capacity addition by the existing ones.

This report also analysis the movement of global polysilicon prices with the shift in the imbalance in polysilicon supply-demand model. Previously,due to shortage in polysilicon supply, the spot prices saw a sharp risein 2008, but with the ease in supply of polysilicon in the coming years, the prices are expected to decline to much lower levels.

Another aspect that the report covers is the analysis of polysiliconend-markets which have been the major drivers behind the robust growthin polysilicon demand. The high growth in demand from semiconductor andPV industry has forced the existing polysilicon producers to increasetheir capacity and has given an opportunity for new entrants in themarket.

The report also profiles the major players in theindustry. More than ninety percent of polysilicon is being supplied byseven companies: Hemlock, Wacker, REC, Tokuyama, MEMC, Mitsubishi andSumitomo. However, it is estimated that now about seventy producers arepresent in the market.


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