Glenn Beck Disses Obama on No Solar Panels

glenn beck no Glenn Beck Disses Obama on No Solar Panels

It is bad enough that President Obama has failed to deliver on his promise from last Fall to install solar panels – PV and hot water – on the White House roof by the end of the Spring. But now Glenn Beck is using that failure as an opportunity to mock the President’s energy policies.

Here is how Mr. Beck marked the summer solstice:

(Video Clip of Energy Secretary Chu):  The WhiteHouse will lead by example. I’m pleased to announce that by the end ofthis spring, there will be solar panels that convert sunlight intoelectricity and solar hot water heater on the roof of the White House.

BECK: Oh, my goodness! I thought – when I heardthat I thought – thank you, Jesus, for having a hot water tank poweredby the sun on the top of the White House, because that’s going to makeall the difference in the world. We’re fixed, America! That’s how upside down this White House is.

By the way, look at the clock, officially end of the spring. Yes!

whitehouse1 300x201 Glenn Beck Disses Obama on No Solar Panels

Let me show you. What it looks like. Now at the top – I don’t seeit. Where are the solar panels? It must be an old picture. Tiffany, isthis an old picture?

FOX NEWS PRODUCER: It’s a brand new picture.

BECK: Brand new picture. So, I don’t know where the solar panels are. Maybe it was a different spring. Maybe it’scamouflage. Maybe they didn’t do it because it’s bull crap from thebeginning. What do you think? No solar panels, even though this WhiteHouse solar panel project was, quote, “designed to acceleratedeployment” of solar technologies.


In tennis, this would be called an “unforced error."  In the ER theywould describe it as a “self-inflicted wound."  To those of us in thesolar industry, who constantly battle the bad PR about solar power and the misinformation that is floating around in the minds of the public,this is one more hurdle that we must overcome if we are going to see our way through to the future that we know can – and must – be developed in this country and the world.

Contrary to Mr. Beck’s surmise, solar power is for real and it ishelping real people save money every single day.  If you want to learnmore about why solar isn’t “bull … from the beginning,” contact us and we will show you how it can make a difference for your home or business.

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