Getting People Excited about Solar Charged Driving

Veteran solar-charged driver Phil Blackwood sent us this photo(above) of the back of his MINI-E, which he charges largely by way ofelectricity generated by a 9.4 kW solar system on his New Jersey home.

Phil tells us that he was inspired to put the sticker on his car partly by us, as we asked him when we interviewed him for a story we did on him last year if he actively advertises the fact that his MINI-E is solar-charged.

Thank you Phil for sending us this pic of the unique way you’re advertising your solar-charged MINI-E to the world.

If you are also using your plug-in to advertise the fact that you’re running your car on sun, send us a picture and we’ll run it!

The more publicity for solar-charged driving and its many environmental, economic and personal benefits the better!

Original Article on SolarChargedDriving.Com


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