GetSolar Launches Online Solar Quote System

Here’s an exciting press release for your reading pleasure.

GetSolar, a leading online resource for homeowners and businesseslooking to make the switch to solar and clean energy, today announcedthe beta launch of its new calculator, GetSolarOnline Quotes, a new comprehensive and interactive solar financialcalculator and quote system.

“We think our new calculator provides a straightforward look at whatsolar can do for the customer’s home or business,” Founder and CEO MattJennison said. “Our aim here isn’t to oversell or undersell solar — it’s to provide information that’s as accurate and unbiased as we can.”

GetSolar Quotes provides just that: accurate and detailed solar analysis. After users enter their locationand select from a number of variables relating to their electricityusage, customer type, and desired savings, the calculator producesimmediate numbers detailing items such as payback, energysavings, and loan options (carbon offset will be coming soon).The user can then choose to request quotes, and the system will savetheir personalized analysis for a quick follow-up phone consultation.

“The output is comprehensive because we wanted to put theconsumer in the driver’s seat,” noted Jennison. “But like withany financial analysis, it may be helpful to have extra guidance. That’s where our solar specialists come in. Just pick up the phone, dial ustoll free, and we’ll walk you through the numbers — and answer anyquestions you may have.”

Following a one-on-one phone consultation, homeowners can opt toschedule up to three solar project proposals from GetSolar’s trustednetwork of solar installation firms.

You pick the installer, and proposal, that best fits yourneeds and budget, simple as that,” Jennison said.

GetSolar Online Quotes

Later releases of GetSolar Online Solar Quotes will provide answersto solar thermal (hot water) systems and to the carbon offset of solarsystems.

GetSolar Launches Online Solar Quote System


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