Germany To Almost Halve Feed-in Tariffs

The German government has proposed to cut it’s solar feed-in tariff program by as much as 44%.

Germany is trying to ween its solar industry off the feed-in tariffprogram quicker than planned.  If the government goes through with itsproposal to slash the price per kilowatt hour for power generated fromsolar panels, the price paid by utilities for solar energy could be cutin half within 18 months. 

Close to 20,000 workers from Q Cells SE (ETR:QCE) and Solarworld AG (ETR:SWV) protested the government’s proposed action.

Germany has been considered the benchmark for feed-in tariff’s andpolicies designed to integrate renewable energy into the economy. Programs in Ontario, Canada and the United Kingdom have used Germany’s legislation as an example.  However, that may change if these price cuts cripple Germany’s solar industry.

Read the full story at Bloomberg: Germany’s Solar Industry Predicts 44% Cut in Power Price

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