Germany Aims for 100% Renewables by 2050

germany plans to switchover to renewable energy by 2050

Germany is already leading the world on renewable energy use and isnow planning to become the first G20 country to be powered entirely bygreen energy by 2050. The country currently generates about 16 percentof its electricity from renewable sources and according to the FederalEnvironment Agency, a complete switchover is possible from a technicaland ecological point of view.

The targets are realistic based on the technology that is currentlyin use. Germany is also leading the world in photovoltaic use andexpects to add more than 5000MW of PV capacity this year to collectively generate a whopping 14,000MW of solar power.

The government has also set goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80-85 percent in the next four decades. A complete switchover torenewables will also mean that the country will be reducing up to 40percent of its emissions that come from coal-fired power plants.

Via: Guardian



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