German PV market by far one of the world’s biggest sales markets

DUBLIN, IRELAND: Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "BrandMonitor 2008/2009 — Germany" report to its offering.

TheGerman photovoltaic market is by far one of the biggest sales marketsin the world. At the same time, the competition for consumers isalready increasing in Germany.

At present, the market ischanging. Sometimes the cost is regarded as the only criterion forpurchase decisions. From the point of view of market research it isimportant not to underestimate the complexity of purchasing behavior.

Solelyfocusing on pricing does not necessarily result in sustainable marketpenetration, especially for complex products. With more than 350 celland module manufacturers all over the world, the creation of suitableunique selling propositions might be problematic.

So far, the question of brand and brand awareness has only been discussed marginally within the photovoltaic sector.

Itseems like the perception of the branch is dominated by the idea thatsolar products are simple consumer goods for which the brand plays aminor role. This fact corresponds with the general market development:a high demand of end customers meets with a still higher offer of solarproducers.

New solar producers want to sustain their positiontoward well established solar brands and challenge them. Therefore,brand image and brand awareness play a even more important rolenowadays when its about positioning of the own company in the market.

Incase of corresponding product availability, the brand promise is asolid factor in the purchase process. The brand acquaintance is apositive factor in the selection process.

The main brandfunction is risk reduction of an investment for 20 years and a paybackperiod of long above 10 years. Building up a brand is a sensitive andan interminable process. The present study is an essential support forcompanies on that way. 



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