GEOtube in Dubai

geotube 7 XXwFt 69 GEOtube in Dubai

Dubaiis a place where all wild fantasies of architects are taking shape.While many of these unique structures are already developed or underconstruction, architects all over the world are no short of plans totransform Dubai into a tourist destination. Faulders Studio has unveiled its GEOtube structure design for Dubai that will not be made but will be grown.

Sincethere is no shortage of salty water in Dubai, Faulders Studio hasenvisioned a structure that will not be made using common buildingmaterials but will be made by gravity-sprayed sea water. The building’sskin is entirely grown and is in continual formation rather than fullycompleted.  Waterfrom the Persian Gulf will be supplied to GEOtube via a 4.62km buriedpipeline and misted onto the tower’s exposed mesh. As water evaporates,salt deposits will aggregate overtime, transforming the tower’sappearance from transparent to a highly visible white solid plane. Thebuilding will be used as a specialized habitat for wildlife thatthrives in this environment.

geotube 1 vBk2Q 69 GEOtube in Dubai
geotube 2 c3Dqi 69 GEOtube in Dubai

Via: Faulders Studio