GEO to Launch Solar Rebate Program April 19th

From the GEO Website:

"Coloradans can soon tap into millions of Recovery Act dollars andtake steps to save money, boost the economy and save energy as theGovernor’s Energy Office and partners prepare to launch a sweeping,statewide rebate program April 19. This initiative is designed to bringenergy efficiency and renewable energy to tens of thousands ofColoradans and will provide nearly 75,000 rebates worth approximately$22 million."

For 2010, the Colorado GEO solar rebate is set at $1.50 per watt (upto 3kW for residential and 10kW for commercial projects). Several rural and co-op electric utilities in Colorado are offering matching funds to the GEO rebate, bringing the overall solar rebate up to $3 per watt.This is more than the current Xcel Energy and Black Hills Energy solarrebate of $2.55 per watt in Colorado.

Astralux has special GEO 3kW solar packages for Residential and 10kWpackages for Small Business projects. These packages come with a freeenergy audit of your home or business.

Funds for the GEO solar rebate are first-come, first-serve.