General Motors and the Chevy Volt

Chelsea Sexton was one of the first people I met when I becameinterested in electric transportation. And looking back fondly on thatday, I realize that I couldn’t have found a better point of introduction into an industry that is rapidly transforming the way we move ourselves and our things around planet Earth. The star of “Who Killed theElectric Car?” a co-founder of advocacy group Plug-In American, Chelseais a juggernaut of passion and energy, constantly travelling andspeaking, living out her commit to her cause.

Where this gets really interesting is Chelsea’s relationship withGeneral Motors. In the late 1990s, GM famously scratched the EV-1project, then recalled and crushed the electric cars it had on the road. Putting it mildly, this caused something of a rift between the companyand Sexton, who, as a dedicated and hard-working GM employee, haddevoted so much of her personal energy into creating and promoting thecar. As did thousands of others, she felt betrayed – lied to by acompany that had so clearly and shamefully put its profits ahead of itsintegrity and its customers.

But can that rift ever be repaired? Perhaps more to the point, can GM be trusted now that it’s launching the Chevy Volt – the firstmass-produced plug-in hybrid?

The answer may surprise you; it certainly did me. And no one can tell this fascinating story better than Chelsea herself – arguably the bestwriter in the industry. With that, I invite readers to check out herincredible blog post on the subject of GM and the Chevy Volt.



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