GE Introduces 1,500-lumens LED Bulb $GE

ge intros 1500 lumens led bulb with improved thermal management

Making headway into the CFL’s market, the folks at General Electricare coming up with eco-innovations in sustainable LED technology onquite a regular basis now. Where yesterday GE allowed us a peep into hybrid halogen-CFL light bulbs that were reported to reach full luminescence in half a second, today they are flaunting one of their LED bulb prototypes that produces 1,500 lumens. The prototypes are half the size and weight of a 600-lumen LED downlight on the market.

ge intros 1500 lumens led bulb with improved thermal management 2

The high-power LEDs utilize optimum airflow and cooling technologies to do away with thermal problems. GE employs very small micro-fluidicbellows type devices to produce high-velocity jets of air, which impinge on the LED heat sink to increase the heat transfer rate to more thanten times that of natural convection. The dual cool jets’ improvedthermal management not only reduces the LED chip count, size and weight, but also adds to performance and cost advantages.

Via: Treehugger



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