GDF Suez Will Build France’s Largest PV Solar Power Plant

GDF Suez (EPA:GSZ) has entered into an agreement to build France’s largest photovoltaic solar power plant.

The 33-megawatt facility will be constructed in Curbans (SoutheastFrance), where approximately 145,000 photovoltaic solar panels will beplace over 150 acres of land.  It is estimated that solar power plantwill be able to generate 43.5 million kilowatt hours of electricityevery year–the equivalent of providing electricity for 14,500households and removing 120,000 metric tons of carbon dioxideannually.  GDF expects the facility to come into commission by August2011.

GDF Suez is one of France’s largest energy providers.  Currently, ithas base production capacity of 6,600 MW, of which close to 70% comesfrom renewable sources.  GDF Suez has a serious commitment to providingFrance with clean energy; this allegiance to renewable energy isreflected in the company’s position as France’s largest wind powerproducer and second largest hydro-electric power producer.

Read the full story at GDF Suez: GDF Suez builds France’s largest photovoltaic solar power facility



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