GCL Solar completes DCS redistribution with dynamic engineering

Dynamic Engineering (DEI), a leading engineering firm in chemicalproduction technologies for electronic and solar grade polysilicon,announced the successful start up of its Dichlorosilane (DCS)Redistribution Process (RDR) at GCL Solar Technologies Holdings Ltd.

GCLSolar is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Ltd,which is listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong under the stockcode: 3800 HK. “Operating a polysilicon plant optimally is critical,which is why we chose to work with DEI to help us recover byproductseffectively. GCL Solar is committed to developing best-in-classtechnologies for the manufacturing of polysilicon which in turn canguarantee production efficiency and reliable product quality,” saidGong Shan Zhu, Chairman, Executive Director and CEO of GCL-Poly.

TheRedistribution Process was designed to process 10,000 mta of DCS andeliminates by-product through conversion of DCS to Trichlorosilane(TCS) in DEI’s patent pending process. TCS is the silicon gas used inthe production of polysilicon in a Chemical Vapor Decomposition (CVD)reactor while DCS is a waste by-product that occurs during thisprocess.

The 10,000 MTA dedicated system is thought to be thelargest of its kind. Chuck Griffith, DEI’s Sr. TCS Specialist said, “Weare pleased to be participating in this project which will allow GCLSolar to become one of the world’s largest producers of qualitypolysilicon.”

GCL Solar delivered their first batch ofpolysilicon in 2007, and its annual polysilicon production capacity isexpected to reach 18,000 MTA by end of 2009 and 21,000 MTA by end of2010.

“DEI has a 20 year history of bringing the mosteffective processes to leading pharmaceutical and high purity chemicalcompanies like GCL Solar – while minimizing capital investment requiredwith more extensive revamps. DEI’s DCS redistribution process provesyou can reach optimal production and reduce waste without highinvestment costs,” states Kevin Drumm, Vice President of BusinessDevelopment at DEI.