FUTUREWATCH: Next Generation Displays


This year is an important and exciting year for the display industry.  The leading display companies including BOE Technology Group, Co. are responding to strong consumer demand for next-generation televisions and mobile devices which require higher performance, longer battery life and thinner form factors.  The leading display makers are also responding to inflection points in their product roadmaps as new materials and technologies such as metal oxide and large area low temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) are required in the manufacturing of faster and smaller thin film transistors.

Recently, BOE teamed up with Applied Materials resulting in significant orders placed with Applied Materials in support of their production equipment needs at multiple locations for the manufacture of high quality, high performance screens to supply the world’s largest TV and mobile display market.

Applied Materials’ PiVot PVD and PECVD systems selected by BOE provide high-performance, cost-effective solutions to manufacturing stunning high resolution amorphous silicon, metal oxide and LTPS displays.

For more information about Applied’s innovative solutions for display visit our web site.

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