FUTUREWATCH: Electromagnetic Propulsion Technology

electromagnetic propulsion FUTUREWATCH: Electromagnetic Propulsion Technology

Electromagnetic induction is the next exciting idea of obtaining a clean, green and powerful propulsion for our vehicles. Since magnetic fields easily penetrate solids, liquids and gases alike, the system could be used to design vehicles that move on roads, over rails, in water and underground too. The propulsion system depends on the polarity of the strong and weak magnets that are embedded. Like poles will repel and act as an accelerating mechanism. Opposite poles will attract to act as a braking system. Multi-directional propulsion can be made possible with the incorporation of more magnets along various sides.

Need for change:

Transportation is definitely one of the major activities that mankind indulges in! And it is being done mostly via the use of fossil fuels today. With the fuel resources nearing exhaustion, it is time for a change towards non-conventional energy sources. A lot of work is going on to tap solar energy. While solar energy is inexhaustible, it depends on the presence of the sun which could be blocked underground and underwater or in particular seasons and climes. Therefore, we need an equally inexhaustible source of power which works everywhere, all the time. Electromagnetism could be the answer!

1. Concept vehicle for the year 2020

concept vehicle for the year 2020 ooi4q FUTUREWATCH: Electromagnetic Propulsion Technology
Concept vehicle for the year 2020

What’s new:

This car runs entirely on electromagnetic induction! The wheels are made of two concentric rings. One is a permanent magnet while the other is an electromagnet. This electromagnet is powered by the Li-ion batteries that are installed in the chassis of the vehicle. It receives the same polarity as the magnet and results in a repulsive force that is translated into motion. When the car has to brake, opposite polarities are made to face each other. The attractive force gets translated into a braking mechanism. The car interiors are as luxurious and comfortable as any modern car.

What difference will it make:

The car will be totally independent of the conventional sources of energy. It will be able to run for long distances. Cars that depend on solar energy need the sun and may not work well in some regions and some seasons. That does not apply to this car! The need for a fuel tank and a motor is almost eliminated!

2. MAG magnetic vehicle concept

mag magnetic vehicle concept 1gg8o FUTUREWATCH: Electromagnetic Propulsion Technology
MAG magnetic vehicle concept

What’s new:

This is a magnetic aerodynamic concept that won the “Unseen Technologies Award” because it showcased the efficient use of two technologies in powering cars. The car is designed to run on magnetic roads which will interact with the electric engine in the car to generate a thrust. The seat too has been designed to fit the human body and is flexible in its shape.

What difference will it make:

The magnetic repulsion because of the similar polarities of the road and the electric motor’s field, results in lightening the vehicle by 50%. This reduces the energy requirements to power the car thus increasing the efficiency of the car. The seat which contours itself along the lines of the human body provides maximum comfort.

3. Pandur 2L

Pandur 2L
Pandur 2L

What’s new:

The Pandur is a completely green vehicle that will be powered only by electro-magnetic induction. Similar to the 2020 concept vehicle, the vehicle has tires that generate its thrust. The wheels are spheres and they house the magnets and motors. They behave as the powerhouses for the car, generating an electro-magnetic field that will provide a thrust for the car.

What difference will it make:

The car, when it hits the streets, will totally eliminate the need for gas stations! Unlike the electric cars of today, there will be no need for charging stations too! The car is completely self-sustaining and clean. If the concept meets with success, there will be great savings in the infrastructural development and the world will definitely become a cleaner and greener place.

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