France Modifies Feed-In-Tariff Rates

France’s Energy Ministry has announced a revised feed-in-tariff structure.

Underthe new rules, certain building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV)installations that integrate components in a visually appealing mannerwill receive a rate of 0.58 euros/kWh, which is the highest in theworld, the Energy Ministry notes. However, the tariff for these typesof installations at industrial, commercial and agricultural sites willbe 0.50 euros/kWh.

Simpler, non-fully-integrated BIPV installations will receive 0.42 euros/kWh.

Ground-mountedphotovoltaic installations will generally receive a tariff of 0.314euros/kWh, although projects with capacities over 250 kW in areas withlower solar resources may receive up to 0.377 euros/kWh. The EnergyMinistry says this stipulation will allow for improved geographicaldistribution of solar projects countrywide.