Fotowatio Makes its Way to San Francisco!

Fotowatio Renewable Ventures, established in 2006, develops andoperates solar plants that provide clean electricity to customers. Let’s hear it for renewable energy! Using inexhaustible and environmentfriendly renewable energy to generate electricity is a great way tohelp our eco-system! Fotowatio uses the cleanest technology to generatesolar energy possible. In Spain, Fotowatio advocates renewable energyadoption and has taken that message international with offices inSpain, Italy and now here in the US!  The company strongly believesthat “Renewable energy is no longer something of the future, [it’s] thepresent.”

Fotowatio established its North American headquarters right here inSan Francisco, CA.  We (among other cities) need more green businessand Fotowatio fits in perfectly!  Now that Fotowatio is here andgrowing in the Bay Area, what are the odds that there will be at leasta few new green jobs available because of it?  Check out Fotowatio’smajor installations around the country like the 14-megawatt system atthe Nellis Air force and the 2-megawatt solar installation at theDenver International airport!!  Now, think about it for a second, ifthe army goes green, the country could go green!  How many jobs can youimagine will be necessary to make that happen? You can go to Fotowatio’s website and see all their accomplishments and projects that they are working on to better the solar energy world. 

Fotowatio Renewable Ventures is growing in the USA and givingopportunities to many job seekers.  Do you know about the solarindustry?  Are you eager to learn?  Are you interested in greenbusiness?  Well, look where our economy is growing and just know with asolar education, you can definitely be a part of it! Learn today!



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