Ford, SunPower Team Up $F $SPWRA

Looks like Ford could possibly be angling to follow in GM’s footsteps — GM recently announced it is working with Sunlogics to build more than 200 solar-powered EV charging stations at GM plants and dealerships across the U.S., or possibly in SolarCity’s footsteps — SolarCity recently announced that it is officially getting into the business of installing EV home charging stations.

SunPower, one of the solar industry’s giants, has released a somewhat cryptic pre-event press release to PRnewswire in which it notes the following:

SunPower Corp. and Ford Motor Company will unveil their new partnership that will bring consumers the latest innovation in electric vehicles and the opportunity to charge them exclusively with solar power on Wednesday, Aug. 10. The event is being held at the historic former Ford Assembly Plant in Richmond, Calif.

Interesting, very interesting — and more good news for solar-charged driving, which truly appears to be taking off, just as SolarChargedDriving.Com thought it would when we started out almost two full years ago!

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