FLS Energy solar farm goes live with high-performance solar modules from Suniva

Suniva Inc., a US manufacturer of high-efficiency monocrystallinesilicon solar cells and modules, announced the commissioning of theEvergreen Solar Farm in Canton, North Carolina, with partner FLSEnergy.

Set atop a former landfill, the 555 kW projectutilizes high-powered Suniva solar modules and was constructed via a20-year power purchase agreement from FLS Energy to supply clean energyto the region’s Progress Energy customers. The installation went liveat a local ceremony on March 1st in which Congressman Health Shulerspoke at the press conference and toured the Evergreen Solar Farm.

“UtilizingSuniva’s technology allows FLS to retain our commitment to provide onlythe most efficient, cost-effective products and offer the best valuefor our customers,” said Michael Shore, President of FLS Energy. “Themodules are performing extremely well, demonstrating a powerfulcombination of high-efficiency solar technology and high-quality USmanufacturing.”

“The Evergreen Solar Farm provides a shiningexample of Suniva’s prominence in the rapidly expanding renewableenergy market of the southeastern US and our ability to meet thegrowing needs of utility scale customers,” said John Baumstark, CEO ofSuniva.


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