First Solar Powered Movie in Israel to be Screened in Tel Aviv Next Week

Watching a movie about the environment is one thing.  But watching amovie about the environment that is powered with solar power?  That istaking eco cinema to a whole other level.  And hopefully Israel isready for it, because it’s happening for the first time ever in TelAviv next week.

Green Change and Ecocinema (the International Environmental Film Festival) have joined forces to organize Solar Nights – a series of three environmental film screenings powered by solar power to take place at the Hub-TLV in Tel Aviv.

The series begins this Tuesday, September 22 with a screening of The Age of Stupid – afilm that will be screened in 45 countries and 700 venues on the sameday in order to raise awareness towards Copenhagen 2009 (a summit inwhich crucial decisions about greenhouse gas emissions will be made). Check out the clip above to see a trailer of the movie.

David Noi, a film director and screenwriter who collaborated on writing the script for The Age of Stupid will be at the event and available to answer questions before the screening.

For those who get the munchies while watching a movie, eco cinematic snacks such as organic popcorn will be served.

Solar Nights, September 22 from 10pm to 11:30 at Hub-TLV (55Derech Menachem Begin, Beit Maariv, 7th Floor).  Tickets are 30 NIS andcan be purchased at the event or online at